Quilted Bag Trend

Spotted this season, the quilted bag, fashion arrived in force in the fall-winter collection.

But first, “culture way” reminder: do you know what the first quilted bag famous? The one who, alone, led to this craze for the Diamond stitched? Well Yes, this grandfather always fashionable, it’s obviously the iconic 2.55 by Chanel. It was released on February 2, 1955 (where its name) and it’s a more elegant version of a 1929 model. It’s just the best known of the bags in hand!

Several legends are about the origins of this quilting in diamonds. He would be inspired jackets of the lads (stable-boy, stable-boy) or good (less bucolic) jockeys on racetracks that attended Coco Chanel with his friend Étienne Balsan, cushions from the sofa in his apartment… In 10 years the 2.55 has seen its price multiplied by 4 and the latter is now around 4000 euros. For some it became an investment saw the gain by selling him a few years after its purchase…

It is clear that the object still unleashes the passions and many brands are inspired by today: its clasp, its form, its chain and of course his quilting.
This is quilting that interests us particularly now because its form to suffered some turmoil in recent years. The diamonds come add triangles, round, square and various and interlocking geometric forms. The smaller Pocket in the backpack no model is immune to the trend. This is a non-exhaustive sample of the latest arrivals on Gsell.fr.

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