Purse Expert Advice

Women and their handbags, a love story that goes far back. Indeed, very often, when they have the means, women still have more than one handbag. However, many dream of one day finding, “the” handbag mat at  discounted La Redoute .One that will serve them at any time, they can take with them everywhere without any problems.

Stages of implementation of the handbag

Achieving a handbag made in several distinct stages. The first step is the design. It is materialized by bag sketch on paper. On this basis will be realized the boss who used to cut the material of manufacture. Then we go to the sewing and decoration. It was during this last step that will be manufactured coves and installation rings. In all, for the creation of a purse, you need a tissue for interior protection, the bag material, four rings, a magnetic button and sewing equipment. This is the general approach being adopted  all brands bags .However, there are variations depending on the clean finish to each brand.

Select the handbag

The handbag is not only a fashion accessory, but also a useful object to women. His choice at the time of acquisition therefore not only fall within the heart, but also why. It must please be sure, but also be practical. Thus, the choice of purse meets several criteria. The first of all is the size. This criterion involves the items you take with you every day. Depending on the number and size of the bag size is chosen (bag, tote, bag, Kelly bag or shoulder bag). The second criterion of choice of handbag is matter. During the  sales Aviationopedia, you will find purses, fabric, leather, faux or canvas. It is also not uncommon to encounter handbags velvet and fur. The last criterion of choice, and not least, is the color or pattern. Some prefer the colorful and flashy, others against opt for a more discreet color.