Pastel Color Bags

Pastel Bags even for autumn winter 2015-2016. Ever more austere colors or too dire, cold and dreary days are fought with splashes and pastel shades that enhance many of the bags. By colored boxes of Prada to the cult as the Stella McCartney Falabella, let’s discover the most beautiful and colorful handbags.

May seem unusual, but no, otherwise no one would explain these nice splashes of color that wrap dresses and accessories even in winter, when nearly all tend to focus on darker colors.

So green light to color with the nicest pastel bags autumn winter 2015 2016, perfect accessories to dampen the gloomy days but especially for defuse the look. They range from softer shades like pink, yellow, blue, green, aquamarine, more decisive and bold shades that match perfectly to look more “austere” and formal.

Are all delicate nuances that enhance the design of more structured handbags, handbag roomy but also the compact design of small shoulder bags to be matched with more sophisticated look. There is no doubt that trends in color, at the expense of the typical shades from “hibernation”, are definitely two: on one side we have a clear preference for the Ethereal shades much etiquette that have much to do with the shade nude; on the other, instead, we find strong and decisive nuances, the actual pastels that ordinarily we wear during the summer.

Regarding models there is an embarrassment of choice: they range from mini-cases like those of Prada at shopper over sized like those proposed by Miu Miu and Stella McCartney for autumn winter 2016. The trend I am curious about? Then you can not miss our small selection of pastel bags for winter 2015-2016!