Overweight Backpack

One of the underlying causes of the frequent headache pupil back is his backpack, which often carries loads of proportion to the weight. From research carried out in recent years show that in Italian schools are used backpacks with weights between 6 and 8 kg in middle school, with a maximum of 11.5 kg weekly load, which far exceed the limits proposed in the literature (10 -15% of body weight).

To address this problem it is necessary to empower teachers, students and families. Teachers should also consider the weight factor in the choice of texts while students should learn to limit the material is absolutely necessary to the daily teaching.

At school students could be sensitized on how to fill and wearing the backpack, and, more generally, physical activity should be encouraged to strengthen the musculoskeletal system. The golden rules for the management of school backpacks can be summarized as Philosophynearby:

backpack must be of adequate size, rigid, padded backrest, belt to be connected to life (so that the bottom does not drop when worn), the handle to lift or carry it by hand;

it is appropriate that it has more compartments to better distribute the content

backpack should be filled starting from the back and putting the heaviest things close to the same and then away, away, the less heavy things

The process by which you are wearing the backpack is crucial to prevent ergonomic risks pupil:

take it by the handle and place it on a flat surface (table, bench) with the risers towards the user, with no flex or rotate the spine;

approach the bench where he was resting his backpack and turn around the shoulders;

thread the straps without bending his back in the back, or twist the trunk

Another useful tip is to not wear the backpack over one shoulder, but always wear both shoulder straps and always fasten the waist belt, and if you can not retract the backpack in the expected weight, it is advisable to carry a wheelchair or use one backpack sort trolley.