Neon Accessories and Handbags

For summer 2013 are back in vogue the fluorescent colors that bring us back to the 80s with the mind. Choosing the right accessories to ride the trend without becoming excessive is the best solution!

Many thought it was matter exceeded 80s, but no, fashion in its cyclicality always surprises us by bringing back the trend that we thought dead and buried forever, like that of the fluorescent.

Dress up in neon colors is certainly challenging and you have to really do a lot of attention to the combination to avoid the effect “highlighter” and being laughed at by the whole city (beach holiday destination, wherever you are really!), But there is definitely a way easier to not give up the trend of the season without incurring risky and daring combinations: use the accessories, especially bags. With a simple and sober look and a fluorescent accessory definitely you will not go unnoticed, but certainly not for your excess, indeed, to the proper way in which you have played one of the trends of 2013.

Bags that glow in the dark

Among the most interesting proposals on the market is definitely the collection of bags Salar: it is called Rejuvenate because it is made ​​entirely regenerated skin through a careful and manufacturing process sustainable. Available in two models, a comfortable and spacious shopping bag, Sveva call and the model Super dall’amplissima color palette, a square shape to wear with comfortable shoulder strap. Both models are finished with studs, discrete, but aggressive and final surprise, and by day seem quite normal bags, night glow in the dark, creating a truly striking fluorescent effect: fluo fluo accessory and not two in one, depending the use made ​​of it.

The most classic models

Many are the leather goods brand that wanted to bet for this summer 2013 on the proposal for summer must have bags. Desmo, for example, proposes a large handbag in calfskin hammered fluorescent yellow, with the distinction of having inside a plate customizable by the lucky customer that will illuminate, with a certain class, the newly arrived hot season. Samsonite also do not escape the trend and offers a reinterpretation of the classic Messenger Bag: the fluorescent colors stand out over others, the bags are entirely made ​​in leather and available in yellow shades, fuchsia and orange.
How can we forget, finally, Candy, l ‘ iconic trunk of Furla, became a must-have since its launch and continuous renewal thanks to the stylistic studies of the house, for the 2013 summer offers many fluorescent shades, the ubiquitous yellow for example, two shades of orange, a beautiful blue -blue and to name a few.