My Beach Bag

I’m dressed for summer: I have prepared my beach bag! Whether small or great, my beach bag is the essential fashion accessory for the holidays. My solar creams, my sunglasses, my swimsuit and my Cosmo, everything must go back to my beach bag!

My beach bag is not an ordinary bag. It’s not a bag to go to work, or an it bag for the beautiful evening at the restaurant. In “beach bag”, there are “beach”, a good reason to find special, this wicker basket to the Birkin bag or the large coves with turquoise palm trees on a pink background that I brought to Miami.

My beach bag is it still a very good taste? Not always. But inside there is a little on vacation. When I open it, I smell the sea mingled with that of a solar product tiara. Basically, I found sand, shells and pieces of a small roller that Manuel had offered me the boy that I met on the beach of Mimizan. Can we invent a saying like “pebble in August, in September bullet” for holiday love? Yes, I think we can. Anyway, this is what I suggest the bottom of my beach bag.

  • My beach bag is extensible

It contains everything I want and on the beach, I want a lot. In fact, I wear less clothes, more I demand of my bag that carries my house. I love imagining everything I’m going to need on the beach. A bath towel? I rolled and I rolled well back so it does not take up all the room. As he takes all the space, I fold it in four. Then, as it does not change, I decided to wear it on the shoulder.Nice, I’ll have more space to store stuff in my tote PVC. Comme I can finally have the time to read, I take a book, the bestseller of the season, a stone as heavy as dead donkey. The ass fucking death by falling on the rest of sand.

I also take a few celebrity magazines, in case the bestseller of the season would be less exciting than expected. My makeup bag with nail polish remover and cotton swabs to me a fitting varnish on the feet. My iPod with all the albums I have not had time to listen to during the year. And then my palms, my sunscreen index 50 and my after-sun, a water bottle, a notebook for all the notes that I could not take before, brush and hair clips, mascara for Alterations post-bath, a mirror, a transparent PVC kit for my bathing suit wet panties and a bra spare, a top and shorts in case I want to change myself, my wallet my wallet, my car keys, my smartphone, chewing gum, Kleenex, my sunglasses.

Well I say, it contains all that, my beach bag!

  • Finally, maybe I should have taken a suitcase

Carried away by my enthusiasm, I suddenly wanted to take a camera – filming my feet?-Cookies – if I’m hungry-another book-in case the first bore me-a cultural magazine-I am ashamed of having taken only celebrity magazines-Sudoku-I n ‘never do-bracelets-to be beautiful-a comb-to untangle my hair-cooking recipes-to imagine an alternative to perennial barbecue tonight-a hat-the sun is-a sarong, and hey, if I took a second swimsuit in case I get tired first? Other than that, I have no problem to stay a whole day on the beach and do nothing.
Arriving on the sand, I do not wear my beach bag, I left behind. And I dare not go swimming for fear of thieves. But to sleep, it’s perfect. It is so packed it is a divine pillow. I fall asleep without thinking about anything.