Must-Buy Small Handbags

It does not always carry around with a large handbag Tote especially if one does not necessarily need to bring her home. In this case, we’re dropping that kind of big bag and we think rather to buy a bag worn hand or shoulder small format. It is convenient and often less expensive than a large purse of brand.

Follow the recommendations of bag & Shoes to detect tips in bags. You are looking for a small bag for a night out or to go to work? Alternatively a small original bag? We guide you to the right choices.

Tips how to detect the small bag ideal format

Who can carry this bag?

The small pouch or the small bag is intended for all those who do not want to bother with a large bag. Women who want to feel light to be able to indulge in their favorite activities.

Those who will not need to search all at the bottom of their bag to find their ringing cell phone or even a pen. Fashionistas who aren’t very Moroccan tote will turn to this kind of practical and discreet satchel.

The benefits

The small purse allows you to store his belongings in no time and it does not overload you. It is a model of Tote goes everywhere. A small door hand or shoulder bag is ultra feminine. As it is a little bulky format, he carries himself with ease and fits all occasions.

It is not very big, it is unlikely to be heavy and as a result, increase you. The mini Tote remains a safe bet for its practical side or its ultra feminine design.

Criteria to find the perfect bag mini

The style

The style is an important criterion from Fashionruling when choosing a luxury bag. As a true fashion accessory, he must be able to enhance your look.Thus, a mini handbag must be able to stick to your style. The small satchels fantasies with a touch of originality, kind of like models of small tote Desigual is for all those who love the accessories one can tape to the eye.

The small handbag leather will appeal to slightly older women.Casual girls will move towards cheaper mini doors bags shoulder with shoulder strap, (often) more colorful and (sometimes).


You know what design you like most. Like all the bags, there are different designs. Thus, you have a choice between a small bag Tote slung, a worn shoulder bag or just held in the hand.

The small bag is the accomplice of the majority of women. It is available in many forms and colors. It is also available in several materials. The small bag fits all the looks. The little Tote is a mini tote. It is very convenient.

It allows you to store anything you want. It is a small model of bag that suits perfectly to go to work or to go shopping. The clutch is also topical. It’s a small bag of evening, but which may also be suitable for the day. It all depends on the material and the desired color of the bag patterns. Avoid the small pockets of ‘bling bling’ during the day.

The material

Avoid the small too fragile Tote that may not take long. Prefer the more resistant materials. Bag & Shoes we recommend small saddlebags leather extremely robust and chic.

If you’re afraid of the idea of buying a large bag, it is possible to opt for a mini satchel leather flexible or rigid. Another possibility, mini wallets in canvas. They are very light and resistant. The small purses in canvas are often mixed with wicker.

These types of mini bags are designed with double seams to be able to withstand a heavy load even if a small tote is often little loaded. You can also choose a bag worn on the shoulder in fabric. It can be hard or soft. They prefer a mini model of rigid due to its greater resistance satchel.

Bag & Shoes selection

Little Marcel Murphy

Little Marcel offers its multicolored small bowling bag model. With a polyester lining, it closes with a system slide. It’s a small shopping bag cheap. It is a model with three internal pockets allowing you to carry a maximum of utensils.

A Pocket is available to place your mobile phone. A shoulder strap is provided if you want to vary between the holding in hand or over the shoulder.

Little Marcel Ole

The famous Little Marcel brand offers this little bag bowling trend. We love the camel fabric and glitter details. Made in pvc and synthetic, it is very resistant. It’s a door bowling with zip hand bag.

Its two fixed handles allow you to carry by hand or over the shoulder. An adjustable strap is available. This small fashionable model allows you to carry everything you need everyday. You can wear it at all times.

Kipling Defea

Bag & Shoes offer this beautiful bag door hand signed Kipling. It is available in several colors including pink strawberry above. It features three external zippered pockets and a front velcro pocket.

You can store your accessories in the flat pockets on the sides.It includes a large zippered rear pocket, a small pocket zip and Pocket five additional. Suffice to say that it is indeed a kind of mini satchel multipoches.

The Shopping bags

We offer this small handbag woman model dressed and very chic. It’s an ideal hand carried bag for shopping. It is equipped with a zip with metal leg closure. It is a very elegant model made in synthetic.

You can poke your cellphone inside in a dedicated pocket. This small stylish Tote has small pins for maximum resistance to wear. On it, you will notice two pockets with closing to store your calendar and your audio player or small reading light.

The luggage Shop Xma

We love the model Shop Xma by the luggage. A small shopping bag to the charming design. It is worn by hand thanks to its ultra strong handles. Its closure with metal leg adds a touch of elegance and incomparable charm. You can wear it to work or for rest days.

There is a small pocket to zipper trend on the back of the bag in which you can discreetly place your phone or your agenda. The Interior is spacious enough so that you can put everything you need.