Most Stylish Weekend Bags

Attention to detail is essential for a perfect style. To pay any part of the clothing a thought, even the garment used extremely rarely, does wonders. That is why this week’s contributions to the wardrobe almost indispensable garment, weekend bag.

In all honesty, few things are as ugly as reklamprydda sportbags. Still insist on every other to travel with this abomination to the baggage. To see a person in an impeccable suit and then a mediocre tote bag that is decorated with the company’s logo all over the bag hurts like the soul. Advertising bags should fall under the same category as advertising jackets, företagspins and polo shirts with profile press. At the bottom of the style ladder among finished knotted ties and designer jeans with distasteful blaffiga press.

Although a weekend bag is not a basic garments, it is an important part of the wardrobe. A complete gardreob consists not only of clothes and shoes for everyday use. A complete wardrobe need garments and accessories to meet all possible situations with style. Not least for travel.

It may seem like an expensive to spend 3-4000 on a bag that will be used moderately, but a stylish bag is an investment for life. At the same time, it must be said that a bag of suitable size obviously lends itself well for other occasions, not least as a bag for the exercise. Too few things can elevate an outfit as a stylish bag.