Miu Miu Handbags

The Miu Miu handbags are loved by all the women and also I have a soft spot for fashion Miu Miu, a mix of trends, declined sweetness and style of clothes, accessories, shoes and of course bags! Today we see two celebrities with the same Miu Miu bag, the bag is the tassel cloquet black braided of the autumn winter 2010 2011 and two stars Sienna Miller and Zoe Saldana, two very nice fashionistas.

Sienna Miller and Zoe Saldana were often protagonists of pages Fashion Pour Femme, are beautiful, young and famous and also the good fortune of being able to put the accessories and clothes luxury, but they are also the spokesmodel for major fashion brands, Sienna Miller has worked with Hugo Boss, Zoe Saldana is the beautiful line of underwear spokesperson for Calvin Klein.

The bag of dreams that vie celebrities is the cloquet tassel, one of the autumn winter 2010 2011 proposals is that it was the star of the advertising campaign and has already seduced Lily Allen and Mathgeneral.

This handbag is simple and casual, a cute and chic bag that is among the it bag of the season. What do you think? I like this bag?