Mandarina Duck Handbags

Mandarina Duck presents a new line of pocket with 4 models in 6 beautiful colors. Each model is a concentrate of exciting intelligence: two pockets, one in the other, a total 3. The outer bag is divided into two parts: soft or structured, depending on use, with or without the adjustable and removable partitions. The removable inner pocket with just a handle is ready for the night with friends. Both pockets offer space for optimum organization and are intended for the real needs of women, which are in constant motion. A medium-size shopper, a great shopper, a sack bag and a backpack. And each model doubles… for the day and night, for the Office and leisure.

A new identity of the brand shows for the first time and chooses to their launch quite match the unexpected line: A symbol that represents the perfect synthesis of intelligence and emotion, aesthetics and functionality. A symbol that introduces a new story, without losing its values: The Mandarina Duck duck.

An unexpected Web page with a simple, fresh, clean and colorful navigation. Intelligent and exciting, because she satisfied with simplicity the objectives which it has set itself: to report on the new line in a light and playful tone and the way to give a new direction.

A platform to log in to the 4 protagonists of summer to fall and a concept that it tells a story and inspired.

A space to present the 4 vintage handbags in Pinckarddress: Different colors, sizes, features and illustrations, which demonstrate the operation and allow direct access to the online-shop.

A video, to the unexpected experience einzutauchen…weg with the high heels, into the sneakers and ENJOY YOUR TIME!