Luxury Bags for Ladies

Women are desperate to show their rivals that their man is preserve. We must admit that the competition is tough.This would explain why the couple ladies use any sort of ploy to ward seductive … According to a study, the weapon No. 1 women to keep their man would be the luxury accessory! handbags, shoes, jewelry: update on this amazing study.

Women are ruthless for amorous conquests (and they are right).

Study shows that they are ready to use every conceivable stratagem to keep their human costs.

We must admit that competition is fierce in this quest for true love. One thing is certain, women are certainly not gifts level seduction .

Female solidarity is quickly forgotten on this thorny ground.
So much so, that more and more women would use luxury products and accessories in order to exclude their rivals for good.

The results of the conducted study demonstrate that indeed dressed women and wearing luxury items are perceived as having a dedicated partner, with which other women are less inclined to flirt.
Furthermore, when women feel that their relationship is in trouble, they will rush more easily in shops in search of fashion accessories miracle to save their marriage.

They say that love is priceless… Well, almost. It must still count quite a monthly budget if you want to wear pretty deluxe rooms.

The last-minute solution: make eyes at his dear and loving half to be covered with gifts from head to feet. Every woman keeps its share of venality.

Otherwise, girls, stand ready to burn your credit card, your future love depends on it!