Lulu Guinness French Purse

Sometimes the simple ideas are born of your desires …

A loyal customer, a follower of my shoulder bags luluflor, asked me the same handbag but without the flower that characterizes it.

We can agree on the tissue, and her vow is exhaucé!

The messenger bag Lulu was born.
Do not hesitate to call your own. I just specify the January order book began to fill …

The handbag messenger bag Lulu versus luluflor?

-Both are French-made (in my studio located in Haute-Savoie). And for a look behind the scenes of the production, it is here .
-Boss 100% Lulu Factory
-faux exterior leather soft touch , specially selected for its resistance
-Finishes neat quality
-Even internal layout : 1 zip pocket, 1 compartmentalized pocket, 1 carabiner
-Even pocket on the front
-closure flap and magnetic snap
-Anse cotton, of French manufacturing – adjustable length

What you say (excerpts … more on my store ):

“I just got the offer and I am very satisfied with this purchase. The bag is very soft and the finish is perfect. It is even more beautiful in real life. There are so many beautiful colors that the hardest part is choosing right purses! “, says Calculatorinc.

“Bag very good. Sending neat and in the announced deadlines. Ability to customize the tissues (indoor flower +) thanks to advice from Carole. ”

“I also just received my parcel. no unpleasant surprises! the bag is exactly the picture. it is beautifully finished, very neat. Packaging was also very neat. it is very pleasant. it seems that it is the gift of a friend. I had a little fear about the size having a big enough purse before. I was able to accommodate everything that was there.
Here a crush you like them! ”

And you, rather Lulu luluflor or bag?
Another desire?
Contact me!

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