Leather 35 Bags To Indulge (Really)

Revisited in a thousand ways by fashion designers, leather bag, hegemonic Tote, dominated by its pervasiveness in the world of leather goods. Here, 35 models identified in the collections fall-winter 2016-2017.

Unlike cotton, nylon and leather bags miniprix, which last that a season, leather bag defies the fleeting nature of collections and crosses the years of almost way.

A classic among classics, this accessory indispensable, recognizable at first glance, is constantly reinterpreted without even needing to change skin. The proof with these 35 templates straight out of collections fall-winter 2016-2017.

  • The seal leather bag

If it retains its original silhouette, seal bag, made of extremely soft leather, multiplies the variations of style: Ultra-minimalist & Other Stories, he made do braids at Kara as the model signed by Repetto more feminine allure puffy in to girdling of a node.

  • The leather bowling bag

Immediately identifiable in its rectangular base and to rounded shape, leather bag, bowling version, has nothing to envy to his peers the bags seal and other binders question sophistication: equipped with a Cove in stone to the ultra-raffines details at Shiatzy Chen, with straps and rings metallized at Rebecca Minkoff and a sober elegance at Bimba’s rusty leather y Lola.

  • The satchel leather

No need to go to the school to walk into town with a satchel. And for good reason, the creators drew its formal side better out of the student framework: less serious than he looks at with its gleaming leather and its flashy clasp, A.P.C. accessorized keychains fancies Sophie Hulme and way at Zadig & Voltaire croco leather.