Italian Furla Handbags

The Italian brand Furla presents the Club Bag, a leather jewel

This is the one we need for our first day at the office.

Or for a Monday morning. Because if we know its release treatment, we must also look after its entry. The kind of input that grows “Wow! “And” let me see your bag!”.

The new Furla bag Club is a craft jewelry. calf leather worked to perfection, color for every taste, furry skins soft, which will surprise stroking absently listening to the umpteenth amorous misadventure of our favorite girlfriend.

Everywhere, all the time

Above all, the Furla Club Bag has two handles versatile. Yes, because it has been designed for modern women we (think women overwhelmed).

So a larger handle, so guitar strap for when you’re responsible for all the usual bazaar (laptop, makeup, wallet and other tissue packets to the aforementioned girlfriend), more folders, shopping bags, Starbucks in hand etc …

And a small cove all fine. The one we use when we have filed all our packages and we can return to ourselves. Exit workaholic, mom burnt, the “multitasker”. The small cove, it is right for us. For afternoon relaxation, carefree evenings.

The Furla Bag Club is like us: he has several vocations. And that is why it has been thought for all times. This is a bag that does not require us to choose between practice and style. We already done too, choices. So one less: thank you Furla.