IKEA Blue Bag

Ikea says goodbye to a historic symbol: raise your hand if you know the legendary blue bag, one of the most capacious that have ever been invented. We used to transport the thousands of design objects and accessories bought in a moment of hectic shopping at the outlets of the brand design low cost and then at home we reused in many different ways: to go to the grocery store, to transport the plastic to burn, to move … Well, Ikea is preparing to say goodbye to the legendary blue bag, which will be replaced by a more modern model.

The blue bag of Ikea (did you know that was called Frakta?) Changes its look: it becomes gray, white and green, with a much more attractive design. The scholarship was presented by its creator Mette Hay at Ikea’s Democratic Design Day, the event that took place in Almhult, Sweden, the city that gave birth to the company.

The new bag has a definitely modern design, elegant, eye-catching and lends itself well as its predecessor, in a thousand different uses, although, we must admit, that mythical blue bag a bit ‘will be missed…

Come on, confess it: what is the strangest use what have you done?