How To Wear Handbag

Do you wear well your handbag?

As a woman, when we are looking for a handbag, we take into account a multitude of criteria: mark, the factory, the price, quality, storage, aesthetics, etc.
But rarely in these criteria we include its effect on our posture.

Yet many searches tend to show that our handbag, according to its weight and volume has a significant impact on our backs on the one hand, but also on our posture.
Modes vary, the problem remains it constant, so it’s time to take an interest in the subject!

Your handbag mad at your back…

If you ever heard of posture problems related to heavy school backpacks, the subject of handbags and him less addressed.

Yet any man will tell you, the handbag of women often resembles the Mary Poppins bag. Can any size, we can always put a multitude of things, all necessary of course!

The weight we carry in our bag in hand on a daily basis is often much higher than Historyaah thinks.
The consequences are more serious.

Tension in the nape of the neck, headaches, postural imbalance, tendon at shoulder level, troubled nervous disorders, etc.

This non-exhaustive list should make us think before the purchase of our next bag in hand.