How to Use Cross Bag

The hottest season of the year arrives with everything and with it many new style trends and behavior. Here on the blog already gave the 4 ways to use shoulder bag in the summer. Now, the subject is another, you know how to use your feminine cross bag in summer? Not to miss, check out some tips with four ways to make beautiful this summer.

How to Use Cross Bag

The cross model bags are perfect for the summer, since they have lighter weight and smaller size, being super comfortable to carry your various possessions in those days of intense heat.The fashion now to female cross purse asks stronger colors and vivid to match the joy characteristic of summer. Invest in red bags in pink tones, in the dark and green bags in colors of metallic handbags. Neutral tones should be avoided for the next seasons.
Female cross handbags with leather fabric are up too, in addition to the bag handbag models, with rounded side and short handles and bags bag with square format. Fine leather and fabric prints more discreet animals are also good choices.

The style of handbag is very democratic, cross fall super well with all women, types of composition and different occasions. Just wondering how to position it. Use cross bag with dresses, skirts, shorts and tank tops, the attachment can be used across, because the own purse just complementing the look.
Now if the visual is shirt, light jackets or jeans, leave the bag only on the shoulder to avoid the visual. In more informal occasions and loose, like walks in the mall or the park, for example, prefer dresses or blouses, spaghetti straps with jeans and shorts for transversal bag color, female used across same. If it’s for a special event of the day or night, opt for more detailed exchanges, such as those with handles.

Remember that night looks generally ask for brightness. Bag models bag “cross” and “bag” mentioned above are excellent for travel, since they have the ability to support multiple objects and compose an image more loose and took off. In some situations you should not use cross purses, as in more serious and social moments: weddings, graduations, baptisms, among others. In these cases, prefer clutch bag models or female portfolio more classics.

To recap, so practical, the 4 ways to use your feminine bag transversal:

  1. Abuse of bright colors, including metallic;
  2. Opt for rustic leather or fabrics fine leather;
  3. The bag models are always great choices;
  4. Looks lighter and fresh(skirt, dress, shorts, gowns and blouses, spaghetti straps) are great with all these templates and should be used in the same cross.