How to Properly Wear The Backpack

Where to start to adjust the backpack before leaving with some chili on the shoulders for a long walk? Straps or waist belt?

Wear properly backpack during a Trek is both a security issue (may overreach jeopardizing our balance and making us fall) and health (in the long run a backpack poorly balanced, heavy burden on his back, letting us do it harder than necessary and causing inevitable pains).

And then after I packed up everything right (here guide on how to prepare your bag) here is step by step How to put backpackers and adjust it correctly.

  1. With all all the training load straps backpack and adjust first the belted waist pulling both tabs so that the latch is completely in the center of the basin and the belt rests just above your hips.
  2. Pull the shoulder straps making sure that seal tightly behind, reflecting its curvature, and that their attachment is more or less to the height of 7 ^ cervical vertebra. Do not pull the shoulder pads but leave a few centimeters of play for a subsequent fine tuning. See Computerminus for hiking backpacks.
  3. Fasten the chest strap to fasten the shoulder straps to the correct position and ergonomically ideal, without excessive compression points.
  4. Adjust the fettuccine of the belt at the waist.
  5. Pull the buckles of load regulation so that it is positioned at the height of the clavicle, so as soon as later than the highest point of the shoulder joint.