How to Pick the Right Backpack

We all at one time or another, cursed the bag that we had on the back. Yet the backpack is an essential travel companion. Instructions of this bag makes the adventure possible and may well avoid inconvenience if you know choose and use.


The ideal is to have a bag adapted to the volume of equipment you are carrying. It should neither be too small nor too large, otherwise the charge will be poorly distributed. Also, consider the length of the hike. A capacity of 20 liters is sufficient for day hikes. For two days, expect between 30 and 50 liters. Expect bigger for longer periods

The adaptation to the morphology:

D ifficile evaluate an empty bag… A bag appreciates loaded. Whatever its use, the bag must fit the shape of your back without you feel discomfort. Straps should support right in the middle of the shoulders. The belt that distributes the load on the lower body to happen just up the hips.

Accessibility equipment:

An opening at the bottom of the bag is always useful to find the pair of gloves left in your bag without any out. There are bags with pockets at the waist for storing small essential accessories Thinking external fasteners for trekking poles or snowshoes.

Completing his bag:

First thing, make sure that the center of gravity of the backpack is the closest to that of the walker, according to Biotionary. Conversely, a distant body bag causes imbalance and tension on the shoulders. So be sure to calibrate the elements heavier loan back, ideally in the top of the bag. The printing of the weight of the bag will be less in equilibrium with the walker. Also be careful to center the weight of the bag to prevent any lateral imbalance. Make sure the filling is as symmetrical as possible, otherwise you will make up unconsciously muscularly to feel pain in the late afternoon or genes on a shoulder or next to hips.