How to Make a Bag Box

The design for everyone, become do-it-yourself in times of crisis. The tutorials for installation are on the internet and the materials in the municipalities of home improvement stores. Slow design, eco-design, “do it yourself”, are all interesting new creative spheres that have open debate on what it means “to design” today. There is a true manifesto on slow object principles, unique or limited edition and strictly handmade, against globalizing production. The tendency is to go a bit ‘to the root of needs by designing simple solutions but beautiful and affordable of all, responsible for accessories, which do not produce more pollution, working in fair trade rules, recycling and transforming, halfway between craft and art. the slow object encourages reflection and invites the imagination. And if you made ​​with your own hands gives a sense of well-being and personal pride for having created yourself something tangible. An example. The wooden boxes are not only containers of wine or liquor, but also of great possibility of conversion to new functions and life. That’s why it is always difficult to throw them away, maybe use the chimney of the house, or perhaps decontestualizzarle in another dimension. The BAGBOITE was born as well, in the simplicity of the container, moved to the motion. A bag.


Low Budget: Approximately EUR 20 Preparation time: 2 hours max

1 Wooden box for wine (any size)
1 Belt
2 Bolts
1 Handle (recovered from some old furniture or purchased)
2 cans of enamel preferably water (odorless), of different colors (cobalt blue and vermilion red in our case)
2 Brushes for nail polish
from your toolbox: a screwdriver, a drill, a cutter

Before starting I recommend you protect your work table, it happens very often inevitable catastrophe brush sbrodolante or uncontrolled perforating drill.

Cut the two ends of the belt with the utility knife or scissors.
Place the belt on the side of the box.
Take the exact measurements and the drill perforated the two housing for the bolts that held together the belt and the box.

Disassemble the two sides of the box by unscrewing the hinges and locking system.
With sandpaper the wood carefully smoothed so as to open the pores for a better grip of the enamel.
It then goes on to painting, the funniest moment. If you buy a type of good quality enamel, the application has a single hand, but remember to mix the product well before use. Cross your brush strokes to achieve a perfect result hiding the signs of recovery.
The complete drying requires about 24 hours, but after an hour to touch your box will look dry.So you can proceed.

Reassemble the hinges, the closure system, insert the bolts and the seat belt in the appropriate previously accommodations designed and finally attach the handle.