How to Maintain Leather Bag

A leather bag speaks: Instructions to keep it long.

We are asked often how to maintain leather bags and accessories. Rightly, those buying a quality leather item like to keep the number of years, its value being consistent but also because they know from experience that it created a bond over the years that one would well make it last.

Maintain a leather bag is actually quite simple. Indeed, we must know that the items offered for sale have all leather that has received special treatment, just intended to make it less brittle. These treatments are not identical depending on the appearance and texture desired, but they have, for against all the same protective effect on the leather.

Thus, leather manufacturers recommend us to regularly clean the items with a moisturizer (body or face) which is actually a water and fat emulsion. There are also creams for leather. This interview helps eliminate dust and other substances being deposited naturally on leather, and retain the flexibility to matter. It will cost you to be careful and do not leave your bag or accessory in direct sunlight, under water for prolonged periods or cold. If you follow these tips, your bag will still “alive” in a few years.

Nubuck leather bags in suede or requires special care. This delicate skin can however be cleaned with a clean, damp cloth. Some fat stains can be removed well by applying talc that can gently rub with a soft, dry cork. A single gum can also overcome most traces of pens or other colored spots. Finally, you will find in commerce, supermarkets or shoemaking, specific products like brushes, erasers and spray this material to spare him inadequate treatment.

Obviously, these recommendations apply only to bags in good condition at departure. If your accessory knows nevertheless an accident which damages the leather, it will be different. First, you can go to a shoemaker, is quite within his field of expertise. If you do not have good shoemaker at hand, there are many artisans in France that restore leather goods. This will affect preferably value of the items, the intervention of a specialist with a cost.

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