How to Choose Your Next Handbag

My process tri-lightening-storage to Marie Kondo, I gathered all my handbags in one place.

My daughter did not come back to see it occupied a huge cardboard (the kind pretty huge for a cabin for the kids!).

Yes a great whole carton.

She was also surprised to discover that she had never seen me wear because I have less time than before to change handbags depending on the circumstances.

I now tend to use the same bag for a long time until it was threadbare …. and then go buy a new one.

But then, all the bags in my box that I do not go out very occasionally? What I will do? Well, I do not know!

Most are fancy bags (junk) I like to take the summer and then covers for the evening, which will not become my daily bags, but I do not want to separate myself either.

There are also some brand that I keep preciously, as my bag Vanessa Bruno, but which I have temporarily given up for hands free (especially to give hands on the crosswalk!).

While reading an article on bowling bags on the comparator Our site I also remembered that at one time I swore by bowling bags, while today they no longer attract me at all .

Despite the big box, so I’m looking for a new handbag. A model nice but mat and practice. And a different color of my previous, so neither black nor red nor yellow, or brown, or gold. Maybe blue? I have not had that color!

I looked at current trends on Preorderhandbags: backpack, bucket, micro bag, shoulder bag or bag maxi XXL are fashionable, there are fun things but I already know from experience that no I agree in practice.

It’s quite the kind of bag that can seduce me or glossy display and after being worn a few days, seems inconsistent with my real life.

It then ends in the famous cartoon waiting for days where I will not be the wonder mum overwhelmed that favors large tote bag easy to open and close to accommodate taste, blanket, books …

And you, what is the model of bag that you really like for the newspaper?