How To Choose The Right Bag

Some will not believe it but bags can ruin an outfit, because in addition to many times you won’t with our figure, women most often to one and take him forever, and it is perhaps less suitable bag.

Tip To Select A Handbag According To Your Physical

Woman with broad hips. In this case, choose a small bag with short strap. This bag will make the rest of the people you watch from the waist up and you will be able to achieve a balance of your bag with the rest of the body. If on the contrary you have very big and bulky breasts, choose a bigger with long strap bag, to counteract.

Tall and thin women. A bulky and strong colors bag will be a perfect accessory to add another dimension to your figure. Anyway, make sure that even if you’re wearing a bulky bag, not you take it full of things, since it might be too heavy.

Woman low. Use any type of bag, although it is recommended not to select very large bags or straps long. A small bag of short strap is ideal.

Medium-sized woman. In this case, a medium bag, with waist belt, will that view focuses on women in general and give a sense that this is a more stylized woman.

Tips To Select A Bag According To The Occasion

Work bag is not that have a romantic date or a meeting outside of work. Work bag is a bag more commensurate with the task that you perform, if you work in an office your bag can be, a sober, elegant and fashionable bag. A practical bag that you look and who serve you to everything you need. If you perform a task less formal, a casual bag will work well and the shoulder straps are ideal for bags via

A date night of work demands a slightly more elegant bag, without being a party bag.
•A party logically is to bring that adorable bag that is saved the rest of the time, must be combined with the outfit and should never be a big bag, because there is always a small bag for limited things like the lipstick and the loose money.