How to Choose Right Handbag

What is the best accessory and ‘friend’ of all the girls? Their handbag!

The accessory holds paramount in an outfit. It allows to give the touch of originality or complete an outfit to perfection. However, be careful in the choice of its form and colour to highlight our silhouette in a harmonious way.

The handbag for women:

When small plumpness, it is best to choose a bag worn on the shoulder or hand carry. It is better to focus on bags with a square shape, small bag or large Tote will suit you in all cases.

To avoid: round shape satchels bags worn slung.

For small handbag:

For small, better choose rather small to stay in harmonious proportions. On the other hand, you can unleash on the format and choose what you like, square, round or rectangular.

Which bag for thin silhouettes :

For the skinny, better opt for bags to round shape which agree better on your figure and will bring the sweetness. Bowling bags look you very nice as well as the oversize bags that are made for you so do not hesitate!

Tall women :

Congratulations, you can more or less all afford! Still, avoid too small bags that will give a too pronounced contrast at your own pace.