How to Choose Men’s Bag

Stop prejudice! While this sometimes willing to “controversy”, men have much need a bag that women, to compliment a casual chic outfit, go to the office or holiday. The difficulty lies in the choice of good man bag. So here are some tips for finding the right bag.

As for you women, a beautiful bag completes our outfits, but it is especially handy. Besides shielding his pockets objects of all kinds night prematurely in the life of garments (deformations, tears …). Choose a man bag is not always easy: does it go to the office? Is it too feminine? Is it too small? Or too fat? Without further ado, here’s our advice.

  •  The man works bag to go r

If the work is particular in the sense that some circles as the bank imposes strict codes. In this case, it is difficult to choose something other than the traditional brown or black leather briefcase. Otherwise, even if sobriety is called for, your man will move towards more modern models. Those with mixtures of materials are particularly interesting because they easily enhance a look. Colors like gray, beige, shades or “earth” (shades of brown, khaki …) are the best options because they will join without difficulty dressy outfits.

Our recommendation: the bag Large Briefcase by Filson (300 €)

  • The man bag to  go study

This time, the choice is much wider. However, for something functional and stylish, while keeping one side “young”, the shoulder strap is a good solution. For choose – or help to choose – First look at the size: it is enough to slip in a few books or a computer, but should not be too big, risking disproportionner her figure after bag to ‘shoulder. Also keep in mind that it will be ported to go to class or with casual wear most of the time. Nothing therefore is to choose the details with an overload.

Our recommendation: the Valmy bag by Ateliers Auguste (220 €).

The bag man to  go on weekend

Many men are content with their sports bag to carry their business during a short stay, but in addition to hygienic problems (put clean laundry where his shorts and his cleats macerated) this leaden completely their look. The best alternative is the bag 48h format. Practice, its size allows to store it essentially unencumbered, while maintaining the consistency of his style. Prefer an elegant and simple design: it is an item that keeps time, and should easily fit the looks of your man. For the same reasons, it is a room that can justify some investment.

Our recommendation: the Southern Cross bag by Leon Flam (430 €)

  • The bag man  out Saturday afternoon

Whether for a walk, go shopping or an afternoon museums, it will want to be comfortable and have a free hand. Tourists have also found the solution before us: the backpack. Obviously, we forget the model informs schoolboy. The world’s backpack was profoundly reinvented in recent years, you’ll find something for everyone. For tat male and “adult”, raw materials are preferred as leather or canvas fabric, particularly robust. There are also a lot of bags combining these two materials. Similarly, for colors, advise him to stay on neutral base (brown, beige, khaki …). Wear with a plain jeans and sneakers slightly worked to avoid rendering too simple.

Our recommendation: the bag Backpack by Herschel City ($ 49.99)

This will have you anyway no exception, more and more men start to the bag. It is a phenomenon set to continue its generalization, and for the same reasons, the brands compete inventiveness. If your boyfriend needs a boost, you are now equipped to help her decide.