How to Choose Man Bag

Gentlemen, one must know how to live with one’s time! While the handbag has long remained the prerogative of women, it invites herself in the men’s locker rooms without jeopardizing their manhood. And yes ! Because in addition to its practical side, the handbag man is elegant and quickly proves indispensable. But how well choose it and avoid fashion faux pas?

The handbag is no longer just for women! The man of the 21st century uses a handbag to carry his belongings throughout the day.Know that there are manly bags that will not alter your masculine look. What to relieve your partner, who is surely tired of having to store your wallet and sunglasses in his purse. But when one is a man, all the stake when looking for a bag is to find a piece both elegant and virile. If you are well dressed, it will be a shame to break your look with a sports bag or a work suitcase, for lack of better. So, gentlemen, how to find a bag that meets the codes and criteria of man fashion? Just follow some basic rules.

Avoid bags that have too many details, such as prints or nails, and bet on a sober item that will not overload your look. You can nevertheless buy a strong piece that will give character to your style.Opt for masculine finishes like thick handles, large seams, metal pieces and wide zippers. On the level of the materials, the leather remains the best of the choices thanks to its robustness and its longevity. The canvas and fabric are also good compromise for tight budgets, but they tend to lock in a style sportswear or casual. As for colors, it is a matter of giving priority to “passe-partout” shades: black, brown, camel, beige, or khaki are unavoidable. These easy-to-wear tones will match with all your outfits.

To go to work

The business bag is the perfect companion for the business man or student. Convenient, it allows you to take with you your computer and your files. Yet, too many men mistakenly think that this model is the only one they can afford, whereas there are alternatives quite trendy and virile.

Stylish and practical, the briefcase is undeniably masculine with its straight lines and square. Thanks to its virile shape, it can be worn on the shoulder if you need to have your hands free. Instead, prefer leather for this type of purchase which is especially suited to a chic and classy style. However, make sure you have enough pockets to store your belongings in an optimal way.

The backpack can quickly be the cause of a fashion faux pas. To avoid the high school look, opt instead for a piece of leather that will give you immediately a more adult look. We also forget the too original forms or too large parts, and put on a leather backpack grained or patinated to play on the next vintage prozipcodes.

In everyday life

The bag unfortunately suffers from a feminine connotation. Wrong!This type of bag can very well be worn by men. It is nevertheless imposing and must therefore be the piece of a sober and slightly voluminous, with adjusted and curved cuts. Wear it by hand and avoid putting it on your shoulder in order to accentuate its virile side. Finally, choose it in neutral and dark tones, such as black, brown, camel or khaki.

The wallet or the “messenger bag” is to choose Canvas and with wide straps to assert his manly and casual side, and instead of leather for the classics. Historically reserved for the poor, it has been brought up to date with noble materials such as leather, which have given it back its nobility. In a style casual , it is perfect for everyday use because it has the ideal capacity to take his business for the day. If it is carried as a shoulder strap, it can also be simply placed on the shoulder, which will give it a more masculine look.

The duffel bag is the perfect alternative to the sports bag, which itself must be avoided absolutely. With its round and cylindrical lines befits a look sportwear . This type of bag offers more possibilities than the others because it can be chosen with original colors even if they are limited to small touches. It is also available in several materials, which is now a real fashion accessory.

The “tote bag” or “tote” bag is made of a single pocket in which you put mindlessly all your affairs. Light and practical, it is used especially during the summer period because it is similar to a beach bag. In fact, choose it from cotton canvas or synthetic canvas, because these materials will resist better than leather to beach aggressions, such as sand or sea water.

If you are leaving for a weekend

For a brief jaunt, the ideal remains the 48 or 72 hours bag. These two types owe their original name to their size: that you leave two or three days, they present the ideal capacity to take away all your business, without being too bulky.