How to Choose Bag Size

It is well known, imposing jewelry is very beautiful on women large or round and small jewelry have a better effect on Petite women. Well girls, the choice of your handbag can be done in the same way. Following this code you are sure to choose your handbag and to be at the top.

So which we must choose to be at the top?

Yes, it is time to move on to serious things:

You’re rather small size? Well your choice must be between the small and medium size handbag. This choice will keep you in perfect harmony. For you, a maxi bag takes too much space and would mask a too important part of your body packing your silhouette. Keep in mind that your handbag should not hide you but instead sublimate you. Satchel, pouch, tote… all the bags you are allowed. But once again: small or medium size, not more.

Saheline selection:

You are rather large and slender? Your choice is broader. Small, medium, large, and even very large handbag: all things are lawful for you! However, pay attention to the mini bag which would cause a contrast too much compared to your silhouette. You will so wear with elegance, the way oversize bag bag with style and the little bag with chic. Once again, the mini bag: banish!

Saheline selection:

View all: often, so that each can find his happiness, many bags are very often available in different sizes. Isn’t this wonderful?