How to Choose a Snowboard Backpack

The selection of backpacks in the trade is now immeasurable. Various sizes, materials, shapes and portable systems make choosing the right backpack increasingly difficult. Tailored to your needs at any backpack should nevertheless have some standards that allow him to be a reliable transport system. Especially in the freeride area should be taken to an appropriate choice of the backpack. To the equipment brought over one or be able to carry several days pain-free on the back must Backpack sit comfortably especially.

Various belt and restraint systems support comfort. Yet you’re still should before buying itself confirm if the backpack is good by looking tentatively fully packst him and fade resistance. The size of the pack depends on the appropriate content. The packing volume of backpacks ranges from 15 to 60 liters. For day trips volumes are usually sufficient backpacks 22-30 liters. Some things that you should never, however, dispense with a freeride backpack, are Proexchangerates:

  • a comfortable chest and waist strap
  • a sufficiently reinforced back, in the best case with a system that clearance between backpack and back allows for reduced sweating
  • sufficient compartments, specially suitable compartments for shovel and avalanche probe
  • Pockets for hydration systems such as the “Camelbak”
  • Mounting options for short skis, poles etc.
  • A rugged mounting on the back of the backpack for ski or snowboard

In addition to ordinary backpacks there are also special ABS avalanche airbag backpacks that are designed to prevent that one is drawn in an avalanche under the avalanche. More about the  ABS backpack  you learn here.