How to Choose a Makeup Bag


The cosmetic bag is an article in inevitable between those of a woman. This is a very convenient briefcase protected by hooks, in which there are several tricks like eye shadow, blush, powder, lip gloss, lipsticks and lands. They are not very inexpensive especially if brand, but they save because they contain a myriad of eye shadows that, purchased individually, could spend in total much more. Here’s how to choose a cosmetic bag. According to the complexion of a person.

In the meantime, we recommend that you go to specialty stores and to rely on known brands such as Wholesaleably makeup bags: are skin care products and in particular for the face, so you don’t have to threaten to bring up any rash or irritation. The outside of the package should have a list of products covered. The foundation is practically unobtainable, because if they consume in large quantities, while the pressed powder, that is illiquid ones, are more prevalent. You have to select the most suitable according to complexion, if brown or light: If in case there are two, you can combine them to create shades suitable for skin tones.

You can find even blush, rosy suited to Nordic skin or hair, tending to orange and brown, but brown complexions, much like land or combined with them which allow you to outline the cheekbones and sharpen the face and nose through the technique of contouring. Eye shadow, instead, there are two types: those creamy, useful for a result, and those powder, less resistant, but with whom you can create multiple gradations. The shades are suitable for anyone who has dyed blonde hair and dark eyebrows, to impart a Nordic tone your face and those dark, to make the most delicate features.

A kit can be chosen based on lip gloss and lipstick inside. If you are often out all day and it therefore needs a durable make-up, it’s good to opt for the latter. If you want a more natural and less obtrusive, we must use the first one, but it is recommended to take it with you to refine it during the day. Even the brushes or sponges give plus points to some cosmetic bag. These are very useful for applying make up and to be more precise, although the final finishing is good to give it with your fingers, whose warmth melts the material and makes them adhere better to the skin.