How to Choose a Handbag

How to choose a handbag?

The handbag, over time, acquired its role as essential fashion accessory. Necessary because it allows to drag all his affairs, the bag is an essential element of the silhouette. It is important to complete an outfit.
Choose a bag is both serious and frivolous because it has to be practical and aesthetic. The question is how to choose a particular model bag: its shape ( bag , shoulder bag , Handbag …), size, material, color. Everything is a matter of taste, of use and speed. Not to mention that the current trend is important.

A bag for what purpose?

We first need to know if there is a bag for work, for output, for every day or for an occasion (party, wedding, baptism …). The bag provided for a ceremony will not meet the same criteria as that will increase daily; they have to do to be in style and in the corresponding colors in the toilet. The size of the bag every day, depends on each one: if some women may be content with their wallet, their keys and their mobile phone, others like to carry a book, a makeup kit, bottled water, pens … Hence a different size bag according to the business to slip inside. The ideal size does not exist, it varies from one person to another: it is useless to take a bag to put three objects, it is also regrettable to choose a too small bag in which all will not fit or too hard. Everyone knows that the more a handbag, the greater is the load. So you must first make an inventory of what is believed to be.

What color bag hand?

Choose the color of a bag is very important also. While it is true that buying a black bag, brown, taupe or gray is convenient because it will fit with any outfit, we like also fall for the most original colors such as blue, red or the most fun colors (orange, turquoise …) that correspond to trends.

Which bag for what style ?

The question is fundamental look for when choosing a bag is to carry the love and wear; it must “stick” with our style: a fancy bag with original designs, classic bag, sports or casual … To each his style, to each his bag!

Hand-carried bag or shoulder bag?

If the worn-hand, bag or Kelly bag style bowling remains very elegant, it is not always appropriate for a more casual style and a sporty look.To keep your hands free, the shoulder bag or worn-through is more practical. The bag also meets these criteria.

The interior of the bag design

If you choose a large purse, make sure it is provided with pockets and pouches to allow for minimum storage. This is to avoid having to return her bag to retrieve an object. Again, it is a question of character: some women like tote bags, other super-compartmentalized bags and organized.

Some tips to buy a handbag for your figure

If you are small, it is better to avoid tote bags tasseraient your figure, if you are tall, banish the tiny bags that seem paltry. Everything is about balance. It is also noted that to complete a formal dress, the bag does not have to be matched with shoes but should blend into the harmony of colors and style of your dress.
Finally, rest assured: the ideal bag does not exist. Ideally, it would take a bag for every outfit, bag for every occasion, a bag for every season! Take the time to visit our site and choose before buying.