How to Choose a Bag

Wallet, briefcase, pocket maxi… Shoulder, Handbag? There are so many different bags that it becomes difficult to know which wear on what occasion and for what kind of silhouette. You were many to wonder an article on how to choose the right handbag, this companion so dear to our style. Here’s how to buy it, which wear for what occasion and how to choose it over your silhouette. You will see that you do not need luxury leather or spend twice your salary in a bag to boost your look!

1) Tips and tricks for the perfect bag

The bag is the color of your key look, it follows you everywhere and contains the most important things in your life.

Here’s the good tips to know before choosing your bag:

  • Avoid the black: Once again, you know my views on black! (If you do not know, I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter, in which I treat the subject by giving you unprecedented tips I do not publish on the blog). In most cases, avoid the black bag. The bag is just a good opportunity to bring color and a boost resistance to basic colors. Opt for Klein blue, fir green, coral or deep red, you can always rely on safe bets such as nude, camel, beige or white.
  • Choose beautiful materials: Whether you opt for natural leather, fabric or nylon, pay attention to the quality of the material. Take a look at the label if you are unsure of the material and avoid the faux leather that will not last over time and will not bear excess weight (if you for example take your laptop). The lining is also important: it must be durable, made particular attention to seams. If the lining contains small storage pockets is a not to be neglected.
  • Pay attention to detail: The details are just as leather goods in textile. Use care to bag finishes (zippers, buttons potential, the metal used, the leather tassels …). The ornaments, as the slide of zip or rivets (small nails that adorn the bag) must also be strong and of good quality. If the zip breaks, again do a shoemaker can cost you the price of the bag.
  • Invest in a “multi occasions” bag: No need to change between work and outputs, it is timeless. This bag must be smart enough to dress but also cool enough to be dragged anywhere. In short, the bag should be in a nice leather (smooth or aged). But there are other criteria to consider. Here are the top five:
  1. Strong red, pink, green, yellow, blue … or basic color camel, nude, beige …
  2. Zip fastening to be safe from pickpockets (you never know!)
  3. Medium in size as a 48 screen (perfect for the job)
  4. Rather long format high size
  5. Featuring a hanseatic to carry the shoulder and a handle to carry it by hand (Multiple handles add style to your bag!)

2) Which bag for what occasion?

To change the style in a flash, change bag! A tip, do it very carefully, and do not forget anything in the old bag, check to small pockets! There are many types of bags, here’s a quick overview of three very different forms that are dear to me .

The ideal satchel day

The book, whatever its size, is a more practical bag. Its thin shape allows you to order everything on the length. His pockets on the front also allow you to store little things you need on hand.

The binder is either carried by hand or worn shoulder like a little schoolgirl. Choose it in a neon color summer or a beautiful print to add a touch to your look fancy. Do not buy a glossy brown leather, a bit too classic …

It is ideal to go to work or out on the weekend. It will also give a preppy look and a little vintage to all your dresses.

The bag goes everywhere

The bag can have many facets. Its shape is more conventional, the flap on the bag also contains the clasp thereof. Its round shape is an easy to address. The shoulder is worn in most cases, but you can also wear it in hand or under the arm with an extra handle.

Choose the classic in a beautiful leather a little vintage or smoothed, or play contrasts addressing a colored leather with golden ornaments. It is multi-occasion! With some smart details that stylize the like hanses or golden details, you can wear from noon to midnight!

The Cover

The cover is ideal at night when you do not have your whole life to carry. It has a flap or mini detachable handle, the key is to know the wear. There are two methods. Wear it under the arm if the cover is long, or by hand if the pouch is small.

Make sure you take your wallet in your everyday bag, you can store some of your belongings and easily use it if you never want to take the essential after a day of work or during a lunch appointment.

Note finally that v ou must stay in the proportions of your body. You can dare mini pocket if you have a slender and svelte figure, opt for a fuller wallet XXL. If you have a figure in A, avoid wearing your shoulder bag and dropping it on your hips, worn under the arm is for you! To know your body, read my article to dress according to her figure . On the contrary if you have a silhouette V, you can wear your shoulder bag to add volume to the hips.

What is your preferred bag? Once again do not hesitate to wear the color, even in winter. The bag is ideal when it is colorful to dress coats and jackets!