How to Choose a Bag for Your Body Type

The fahionistas always forget that like for clothes, accessories must be adapted to the morphology. This helps avoid missteps, but also to wear with style any accessory. In the same way that XXL jewelry are prohibited women to small and best suited to slender silhouettes, there are also some rules for choosing handbags. Here are some interesting tips that find what type of bag is suitable to the morphology of each.

For small

Women small imperative to mention the maxi bags in favor of medium bag or mini. Indeed, too large models may pack the figure and hide the body. They will then opt for bags that will organize mini silhouette. Whether for a model Shoulder, a handbag or a shoulder, the choice is vast and the only motto is to always bet on the mini. In the evening, smirking and other small rigid bags worn on the hand are recommended. In addition to bringing a feminine and glamor, this kind of bag immediately give a perfect look.

  1. 1 Phillip Lim-Mini Bag Pashli leather-€ 890
  2.  Marc Jacobs-QUILTED LEATHER BAG A LL IN ONE-€ 675.00

For round

For round for women with generous curves, we recommend wearing medium sized models. In fact, too big handbags may further add volume, which will risk not to structure the silhouette.However, some coaches advocate fashion wear oversized models, as they would in their view, to give a more tapered look to the body. Certainly this is not an optical illusion and it is best to opt for a medium size bag.

Those hips and buttocks generous enough can wear elegantly worn bags and shoulder bags.Indeed, this kind of bag is indicated to look away misplaced beads. Bags worn straps may bring additional volume lower body, so they are not recommended.

Those with a generous bust will in turn choose to wear a shoulder bag or a bag carried by hand, as they will not burden the body hates. However, we must ensure that the shoulder does not divide into two al chest, which may present an unsightly effect at will.

  1. Chloé–Cabas Mini East West Alison–850 €
  1. 2.  St. Lawrence-BAG LEATHER-€ 2,250.00

For large and slender

Women with a slender body and a slender figure can wear the oversize models. Indeed, this kind of bag will give them great. However, it is better to forget the bucket bags and balls bags in favor of larger models like the Alexa Mulberry example. In the evening, the envelopes sleeves are recommended because they allow to give a bit of femininity to the look without weighing it down.

  1. Marc Jacobs–Cabas Sheila–1 025 €

For thin

Thin girls also are spoiled for choice. The handbag through the shoulder bags and wallets, the watchword is to opt for models that break the slender shape of the silhouette. To this end, the bucket bags and models that feature a round shape are recommended. Finally, the oversize models are banned because they will weigh the look and hide the body. In the evening, it is better to opt for sleeves that can be worn on the shoulder, that give the appearance to the overall look.

1.Nina Ricci-double bag worn La Rue-€ 1300

For marked sizes

Women who have marked the size must choose a Shoulder bag fall to the waistline. In addition to highlight feminine curves, the bag at best structure the silhouette. Women with a more androgynous figure can opt for the wallets that have the effect of adding volume to the lower body. Moreover, given that the figure lacks femininity, it is advisable to opt for chic models and so glamorous. In the evening, pockets and minaudières are recommended.

  1. Angel Jackson–Sac Deco Step patchwork serpent–320 €

Conclusion: how to choose the right bag

In short, women with generous curves will have to choose a rectangular pattern in the style of Lady Dior Dior for example to structure the silhouette. Thin women should opt for soft and round models like BB Lancel example and finally, women children will abandon the wallets in favor of more feminine bags as Dawn.

To finish this small article I invite you to watch the video below that explains how to choose her new handbag.