How to Buy Men’s Bag

If historically the bag is the accessory of fashion of women – they can have tens-one for each outfit or one only for the pleasure of wearing a beautiful object.

The man modern considered that a bag can be anything other than an element of transport of personal belongings.
The solution usually adopted is to buy the first sack came on the internet or in-store, and generally it will be this basic element.
To choose a bag man nice and in the shot, there are certain criteria to be taken into account. That’s what we’ll see in this guide.

The shape and color
The man bag that you choose must be able to contain the everyday objects such as your computer, your papers, a bottle of water, but also your portfolios. It may be necessary to make a quick list of what you want to do because according to the content of this list, you can already eliminate certain forms, which will be too small to do the trick. The current trend is bags of large men like to use to extend the working day and to go directly to the gym for example.

Criteria that will make a bag for man a good choice:

The shape of the bag must be masculine and precise.
Bet on a classic shape, rectangular, with two timeless handles and right angles to bring out the men’s side.
Prefer thick handles, large zippers. For the comfort and the side practice, choose a bag with a flat front and a shoulder strap Pocket if you plan to wear it to the shoulder. It is worth noting that more and more bags for men are offered with a detachable shoulder strap to give you the choice to carry your bag simply to hand when you are not especially responsible.

For color, from the classic to the original
If you do not have a special wardrobe, then stay in the standard colors like black and Brown.
This will be the easiest to marry your different looks, colors including Brown who will go very well with the blue color of your clothes.
It is especially recommended for a first purchase, the best is to have two bags, black and Brown, not only color but also avoid one bag too quickly.

Of course, the choice of colors is not limited to two. If you enjoy being noticed, you can opt for more intense colors, red or orange will do perfectly fine.

Type of bag

The type of bag will define the context in which you evolve with. For example, if you are a lawyer, it would not be advisable to choose a backpack, it’s obvious.

Here are the main types of bags:

The bag 48 and 72 h
As you probably know, these designations relate to the duration during which the bag is intended to be used. The bag 48 h is usually sufficient, rather spacious, you will take a normal weekend. As for the bag 72 h, it is suitable for people who go often on a weekend, it will hold on a little longer than 2 days without taking the place of a suitcase.
Here is a beautiful model of travel bag for man 48 h, leather and made in France.

The satchel
She had a deficit of popularity because it was often associated with lack of style. In addition, as it is the model of the most accessible man bag, she is easily duplicated chain which has the effect of producing a number of little successful models. If you choose a bag, bend toward a balanced model and a little vintage like this bag nubuck. She will give you a manly air and slightly adventurer.

The clutch bag
It is a model which approximates the purse but which differs mainly from the fact that it consists of a flap. Its structure leaves no other choice to choose leather for optimal effect. You can opt for the indestructible model of bag for man leather with buckle available metal at Allsetbackpacks.

The backpack
The backpack is not intended to be inelegant. You can enjoy a convenient element while being stylish to not apart with your outfits. To do this, nothing that adapted the bag Nubuck leather backpack to be in the shot. It is classically or shoulder, to give you even more allure. Something very important, avoid at all costs the inscriptions on backpacks, this can have fun kids, but it will give especially a childish look.

The material

In addition to giving a classic look and a natural elegance, leather seems the most appropriate material for strength and its refined appearance.

It is also a fairly expensive material, which tends to encourage buyers to turn to the leatherette for example.
Except for occasional use, it is quite recommended to choose the leatherette this material degrades quickly in time. So you find yourself instantly with a bag worn appearance that is more chic and elegant effect expected.

If you invest in leather, calfskin is a leather of high quality with an affordable price.
Indeed, this leather is leather of the adult cattle, it is naturally stronger and more rigid than the calf leather, which is ideal for use in a bag.

With this guide, you now know the characteristics to take into account when choose you a beautiful man virile and elegant bag.

You could measure how a man bag can bring some more to your outfit by staying at the cutting edge of fashion.