Hobo BagMini Bag

“Hobo” stands for vagrants. Nevertheless, women do not have to worry that they at a Hobo Bag with a heavy bag get to do. On the contrary: The Hobo Bag represents transmittance and is characterized by its lightness. Who loves the uncomplicated style, for such a bag a must. Refrain bind to elaborate braids, you slip in light shoes and let no stress close to him. The Hobo you can use these convenient options.

What is a Hobo Bag?

The Hobo bag is distinguished by its light fabric, which is often to be a knautschiges material. The bag falls looking down, reflecting their ease. Especially in the summer months proves the bag with their light materials as a perfect decision because it avoids unnecessary ballast. Great materials such as nylon, cotton or raffia are used to produce a high quality Hobo, which is available in different variations. Absolute highlights are present however Hobo Bags of leather, which lose their unusual material not to permeability. Perfect these leather bags are, for example, for use at work or at the university. Many small compartments and a spacious interior help that you can transport as many utensils.

Featured designs

While some models have short handles, so that the bag can be carried by hand, other variants are equipped with a shoulder strap, which allows comfortable wearing over the shoulder. Even the choice of the details, the designers of Hobo Bags of leather can always think of something. Small pendant, fringes or rivets are often used to obtain the casual look upright.