Hermès Bags Collection 2014

The luxury brand known and loved by women around the world for the legendary Birkin and Kelly bags icons of elegance and sophistication, presents the line 2014.

A historic luxury brand, known and loved especially for legendary creations like the Birkin and Kelly. These are two iconic handbags that are named respectively by British Jane Birkin-which inspired Jean Dumas, French designer of the fashion house, during a transatlantic flight – and Grace Kelly in which he became an international icon.


It is a model born between the actress Jane Birkin and the comparison Dumas designers: the signs of the woman made ​​sure that the designer created a daily bag elegant and comfortable for business trips that many women face daily. And through this meeting it was created the first prototype, originally designed specifically for the actress and later auctioned in 2011. The value of this model is very high: in some versions can be reached figures make your head spin. Always this bag is the true symbol of luxury, a must not only in the fashion world, but also from a cultural point of view. There are many celebrities from around the world who choose it, automatically becoming testimonial: English  Victoria Beckham-who has a real collection-all’italianissima Anna Dello Russo. The Birkin bag that has become an icon since 1984 makes you dream every woman thanks to a perfect blend of elements that make it convenient and practical, yet elegant and chic in any occasion.


Together with Birkin, Kelly is one of the most well-known bags of the fashion house. It is a very simple model designed by Emilie and Ettore Bugatti. Its shape is trapezoid from a rigid base with a key lock, a bag for every occasion. Initially it born as a convenient travel bag and only then thanks to Princess Grace Kelly who answered “How Many Bags can I Take on a Plane”. In fact, thanks to the princess and a photo taken and posted on a popular American magazine that portrayed with his model, Kelly started its worldwide success. A comfortable and spacious bag can also disguise an alleged pregnancy, as it did in that case. Since then, Kelly has become a symbol of elegance and refinement. Over time, the model was improved and constantly updated in the shades and patterns.

collection 2014

In the collection of Hermès in 2014, in addition to traditional models declined in different nuance, the fashion house has created models as Evelyne III, a bag in Taurillon skin Clémence blue color Smyrna, with leather flap closure and press stud and metal decorations plated silver and palladium. So-Kelly, a calfskin bag Togo gold, metal decorations plated silver and palladium. A front pocket with zipper and a rear flat pocket and adjustable shoulder strap for shoulder portability. The most practical Victoria II, a duffel bag leather Taurillon Clémence, turquoise and metal decorations plated silver and palladium and Berline a bag in calf Swift, colored bamboo with metal decorations plated silver and palladium.