Handmade Canvas Bags

Marianna Franzosi contacted me to write new projects “Made in Rome” for designers / artists / craftsmen, to raise awareness of the recent proposals of the creativity of his city. And here it is: In this guest post written project of a young Roman designer, Margherita Kennel, which makes bags of various types from artist canvases that she paints, modification, structure. A research-oriented opportunity to reinvent the use and function of different materials and the study of color. The result seems interesting! What do you say?

Splashes of color free and enveloping, seductive color contrasts between the canvas and painting. It is a painting by Mark Rothko, but the collection of project grants of artist transformed Just Paint canvases, created in Rome Margherita Cuccia-called Tita-for its brand Daidadaida.

Bag large to be combined with coordinated bags, hand bags and shoulder strap, pouch but also brings tobacco, door cards, notebooks and useful leads iphone and ipad door, also made ​​to order, because its fun is to “give a double life to objects and textiles.” In this case the canvases by painter who thanks to the quality of the material, a combination of plaster and fabric, have the right character to be resistant and naturally receive the decoration.

There are limits to the use of colors and materials: crochet trimmings alternate inserts velvet for winter, handles beads and sequins fun contrast with the sobriety of the canvas and painting geometries Tita, following the form of therapy that she packs, making each of them a unique and original piece.

The project, he says, began almost accidentally while accompanying her artist boyfriend to stock up the canvas in a small shop in the center where the gave of too small scraps to be sold. “The production is ongoing and constantly evolving,” says Tita from his studio in the capital. “I think this project on the canvas is not finished yet… what I want is a thorough study on the colors and their dialogue.”

The appointment to see his collection is on 16th December at the Christmas market in the historic district of Monti, in Rome, but in the meantime you can dive in color on its websitedaidadaida.com.