Handbags Dirtier Than Toilet

Ladies, when you finish reading this article, you will never look at your purse in the same way. And because, according to a British study by Initial Washroom Hygiene, inside your handbags contain more bacteria than a public toilet bowl! Cleaning, dusting, polishing, your handbags have the need to worry now!

You cherish, carrying it everywhere and it never leaves you, yet the handbag , this fashion accessory essential, will disappoint you. According to a study conducted by Initial Washroom Hygiene, your luxury handbag Kelly, your legendary Chanel 2.55 bag or even your “24 hours” Gerard Darel are more contaminated than public toilets bowls! This is not really fashion and especially disgusting!

  • Leather bag in the role of the monster

To go further into horror, even experts consider that a bag of five represents a risk to your health! And because they are more difficult to clean leather bags represent a greater risk of contamination. Do not hesitate to spend a cloth shot inside your purse to neutralize any bacteria. And above all, do not place down!

  • Makeup, big nasty bug

Among the products that you carry in your purse, the researchers analyzed the most infected objects s. Your lipstick, mascara and your hand cream might be the actors of a new horror film in the lead role the handbag: often in contact with your hands, they may transfer germs to as grow in the shallows of your Louis Vuitton.
Possible scenario of the new Brian de Palma or Sam Raimi, The appalling Mr handbag could be a great horror film likely to shock all fashionistas!