Handbags and Jewelry Stores

That’s a really interesting news that the proposals and offers that we can find on the site Douglas.it: Did you know that among the many beauty options there are two sections dedicated to accessories ? To be precise, on the site of the German perfume you can buy handbags and jewelry!

If the second category is a little bit limited, because we speak still of a store that deals with makeup and personal care, the first is rather large and full of so many models to choose from. All tastes will be satisfied: there are bags with simple lines, the plain, the animal models, the precious clutch and shopper roomy and comfortable.

The jewelry, however, they not constitute a large section, but they have the great quality of being all in discount to -40%!

Here then is a selection of handbags and jewelry to buy thanks to Getzipcodes, the variants that you can not find by clicking directly on the links are present on this page. Come on, let’s discover together these delicious proposals!


– Bag straw multicolor, beach, with braided cords, available in blue or orange (buy at a price of 24,99 Euro);

– Gray knitted bag, wool, with shoulder strap and metal chain detail on the flap profile (buy to 29.99 euros);

– Shopper flowers white with red trim or black, with internal pouch with zip (buy at 54.99 euro);

– Red clutch bag in imitation leather with woven texture, golden hook closure (on sale at € 34.99);

– Animal print bag shopper model with fabric, available in black or camouflage (purchased at a price of € 56.99);

  1. Black Clutchrigid, with gold mesh inserts and removable shoulder strap (available at € 34.19);
  2. Clutch pink and graywith geometric patterns and gold inserts, shoulder strap equipped (for sale at 32,99 euros);

– Clutch Leatherette effect coconut, soft and clean line, closing with metal hook (purchased at a price of 34.99 euros);

– Bag with Printing, ideal for the beach, with thatched bottom and plant or animal fantasy (buy at 24,99 Euro);

– Clutch animal, simple design, zip closure, available or tiger python (acquired at a cost of € 13.79).


  1. Black Braceletin imitation leather with silver buckle and double button ( buy 17,99 Euro );
    2. fabric bracelet skin effect, with golden chain and double button (buy at € 16.19);

– Earrings with double circle and worked stones, available in black or gold (on sale at 23,99 euros).


Are you curious to try Douglas bags and jewelry? You can find them ready to buy on the official website of the brand: click on the link for the product you’re interested in and make the ‘order online by completing the procedure.Douglas offers free delivery for exceeding 25,00 Euro total, and there is also the possibility to receive free samples of your choice along with what you bought!

Did you know these interesting proposals Douglas? You like them?