Guide to Choosing a Backpack

 The curb weight

And yes, it is a criterion not to forget, it is the weight, and that’s why I love Millet. Rare are those who exceed 2kg. A vacuum 3kg bag for me is a real constraint, and although its strength is not challenged, it remains a scourge for a world tour. Try not exceed 2.2 kg. Especially that it is usually heavier on arrival and departure!

Where can you find the best rates?

I am a strong Internet support. In general, I test the backpack in question from a reseller then I do my own research. I had seen the Atacama in Millet Decathlon, I had doubts but after use, the die was cast. No Haglofs nor Deuter. I continue my journey with Millet. I had 80 euros less on the bag, via Ebay. It was new and packaged for 110 euros all inclusive. You also have sites like Snow Leader, I-Trekking () Trekkin that can offer good products at sometimes prices. The old camper on Paris will lead you, unfortunately reductions are almost nonexistent. You can also wait for the offers and spinning through vendors, but the diversity is almost zero.

How much is a good backpack?

This is the question that everyone arises first. But I want to turn the question around, and ask yourself: How long do you keep your school backpack chosen by Aristmarketing? Would you buy every year and pay the final astronomical sum of 10 years, or to purchase one and keep it for life?

The bases being asked, I would say a bag varies between 100 and 250 euros. The price will vary according to weight, size, materials used, the layout of the bag, robustness, possible extension and brand reputation. It is unnecessary to go beyond 250. In the category that is beyond that price, you will have straps, pockets and accessories that will serve you for nothing as lambda adventurer. As well stay focus on other bags. Moreover, as I have already said, there is no point taking a bag of 80 or 90 liters. I think with a budget of 120 to 180 euros, you can buy a bag that meets all your needs.

My backpack and my selection

For the last word I give you my backpack list. I can only advise my own, because it has everything a great, more if you fouinez well on the Internet, it should not cost you dearly. Millet Atacama 58 + 10 (Orange or asphalt). I confess to being a big fan of the color orange, this criterion was essential even if it does not have the be. Overall I am more than satisfied by getting this bag.

You can also throw your heart on bags Deuter range. The German brand is one of the best in the market with bags that really hold water. Among them is The Deuter Act Lite (1.8 kilos only) at a price of 179 euros (65 + 10 L) or the Deuter Aircontact Pro (60 + 15 L), but that for me the disadvantage of being very heavy basic. Finally with Haglofs OXO (70 L), you will have a flawless appearance, a perfect finish, a low weight (2.7 kilos).The price however was never below 200 euros a souvenir.

Here, you are now ready to acquire your new travel bag. If all the criteria are satisfied, go ahead, the thunderbolt will not show up twice.