Guide to Choosing a Backpack

Thinking that often comes in the mind of a traveler. It is even one of the first concerns. Therefore we put a time to choose his backpack . Whether for a long weekend, two weeks, a month or a year is always the same questions that come up! How many liters? What brand should I take? With or without extension? Rather robust or light?

Where are the tips? In short, you’ll understand we torture the mind. Especially, if like me you plan to make a world tour, choosing a good backpack is also important that the chosen route. I believe some voluntarily! Think of your shoulders and back, if you do not have hosting or if you are leaving for a long time trekker with a backpack. Choosing the right backpack is never an easy task.

The volume of the backpack

First point to address this issue. It’s pretty simple. In the range of backpacks called by Payhelpcenter there are considerable volumes. This can range from 22L to 90L see. As well tell you right away, if you take a 90 L and even around the world, you pull a bullet in the foot. Before addressing the perfect size, I’ll give you a little detail that is important. I was always zero in maths, but it is clear that the calculation is very simple. If you fill a 80 L bag, it can weigh between 20 and 25 kilos. You’re not an ant, you do not risk there.

I love hiking but a backpack, with a high load can be a hassle. Otherwise, if you replace a bag of 45 or 50 L, you’ll rarely above 18 kg. It all depends of course weight that makes your SLR, if you take it, not to mention your laptop. A difference of 5 kg can be fatal in countries such as Nepal, Bolivia, Peru, Pakistan and so on.

Choose according to their needs

There is no real volume ideal. I recommend a good 30 L for long weekends. You can put many things, and that’s enough if you go to the essentials. I’ve managed to squeeze my tent, my clothes, books, Reflex + two goals and laptop. From 2/3 weeks up to 2 months a 45 L may be all you need. This is the volume that I had when I was in South America. As you can imagine, you will need to go through the box “washing machine”, to avoid bringing 25 shirts, 10 pants and 38 briefs.

For a world tour, I would advise you not to exceed 60 liters for example. a 60 + 10 is more than enough. In addition, you can always give up some non-functional objects, depending on the country you cross. Your backpack is just your best friend, but can be many times your worst enemy. It changes very quickly, depending on the sun, fatigue, state of mind. The more you take, the more you venture a very dangerous game that I called the improper filling. This is to stuff his bag, just because we have the space. Also, if you have less space, it makes less memory and less expense. Yes, I sometimes have a logic, in short, very special, I admit.