Gifts for Those Who Have Everything

Find gifts to offer is not a simple thing, especially when the person you want to spoil has “everything”. Do not take risks you can always choose the wine or chocolates but how about you to something a little more original?

Gsell offers 10:

  1. A card holder anti-piracy

Thanks to its aluminum case, card case Secrid protect your RFID data (Radio Frequency Identification) emisent by your bank cards, transportation etc.

  1. A soft blanket bag

We’d like to curl in this release “Midwinter” of the famous 24 hours of Darel home. Original material for a handbag, and a delicate work in the “cocooning” theme.

  1. A ultra-light suitcase

Discover the Curv. The material resistance used by Samsonite to create incredibly light, resistant, but also very beautiful suitcases.

  1. A bag Organizer

To carry the essential and the frills of a handbag to another in the blink of an eye! A revolution for those who often change bag.

  1. An all-in-one

The Swiss army knife of our handbags. There are locations to store our (too) many loyalty cards, bank cards, card, etc. until our checkbook library card.

  1. Smartouch gloves

Even Frost is no longer an obstacle to the use of a smartphone. We play in application keeping fingers warm with these Isotoner gloves.

  1. A backpack design

A sleek backpack battery in the trend of the moment. Signed Lacoste, it is neoprene for this very uniform matte effect.

  1. An off-road bag

With his skateboard and his suspenders the Eastpak Strapverz is made to go everywhere. In addition, his canvas is water-repellent.

  1. The made in France

This made Jean-Louis Fourès portfolio part of our selection Made in France. Ideal for making a purchase commitment and chic.

  1. A 2 belt loops

A sober loop for the costume and a more stylish for the jeans.