Furla Candy Bag

I am sure that most of you know, but here is a remainder. The Candy Furla bag were the must-have bag this summer: many bloggers have raised on their sites, and of course on the streets of Italy. They are plastic trunks, basically transparent albeit colored in fluorescent shades (are however also available fully transparent version and the black). During my third day of Fashion Week, I went to take a peek at the new Furla collection for next spring-summer 2012 and, as you can imagine, the Candy Bag, has been revived in a thousand and one different version!

There is the Candy Bag glitter of all the pastel colors and the romantic Candy, pink with buds and shoulder strap with gold chain applications. Then there is Candy glamor in shades of white, black and brown with application of small studs and once again golden chains and then my favorite, the Candy black PVC, with the side edges of metal: fantastic!
And then there are them, Candy dressed (in fact disguised) by a particular laboratory of artists who, for the whole day of presentations, decorated in the most unique ways the it bags: zippers, fringe, fur, colored ribbons and so on, and so forth! Here is the gallery of photos I took during the presentation, I hope you like! What’s your favorite candy?