Freitag Bags for Sale

Colorful, practical and friends of nature, Freitag bags are the perfect balance between fashion, quality and convenience.

Freitag Bags for Sale

The Freitag bags come from recycled materials and to restore life to objects coming from the street. The latter undergo a metamorphosis to become very prestigious items: tires, seat belts and bicycle studs, these are the main materials used in the production of handbags, Freitag customers are fully acquainted.

Freitag bags are durable and are able to withstand years of intensive daily use. The collections are divided into two lines: FUNDAMENTALS and REFERENCE : the first consists of classic models, backpacks, handbags, shoulder bags and shoppers, but also padded computer bags with many matching accessories. Otherwise, the line REFERENCE consists of bags and accessories, all skillfully worked, in the most beautiful colors coming from the street.

A new entry in the house Freitag is the Victor model, especially chosen by urban cyclists for its convenience. This is the bag with which it all began, the very first model made from a vintage truck tarpaulin – was a Messenger Bag. Even then, in fact, the bicycle was the best means of transport to move around in urban centers and couriers on two wheels the most rigorous and demanding test drivers of bags. All that has remained unchanged to this day, and it is for this reason that FREITAG continues to create the most functional and durable bags in the market for urban cyclists.

The transformation of recycled truck casings into unique bags complex takes place in five stages:

  1. It all starts from the procurement of raw materials and truck tires we just 5-10 years of wear.
  2. Once found the raw materials, we proceed to squarciatura of tires that must be prepared for subsequent processing and to washing to remove residues of acid rain, exhaust gas and fine particles, besides the usual dirt.I am the real secret of the beauty of the tarps.
  3. Bag design, this is the stage where designers begin to sketch out the first sketches and to give life to the bags one after the other, with a sharp knife in his hand.Here is the miracle that makes Freitag products so incomparable in every sense of the word: each one is a unique piece, only exclusive in the world.
  4. The last step is to complete the transformation, where all the pieces of cut sheets are assembled up to take the form of a bag, but before they are sold these bags are subjected to the rigors of endurance test.


Given their processing Freitag bags are not of economic course, but their price certainly goes for the quality and strength. To the world there are stores dedicated, while in Italy only authorized dealers in major cities like Rome and Milan. Alternatively, the bags are sold online and at certain times you can find discounted prices or from the outlet.