Fashion Bags 2016

If I had to describe the trend in handbags for spring – summer 2014 in one word, no doubt it would be “different”. Basically we could find a lot of styles in shows that have toured the catwalks in the fashion week in New York.

Fashion Bags 2016

Although fashion weeks around the world continue happening, here’s a glimpse of the latest trends in handbags for spring and summer of 2016 as the fashion week in New York.

Clutches X large

Is there enough room in your bag? Ok, we can do something about it. Spring 2014 will bring huge clutches, most without any structure, allowing you to better manage spaces perhaps reinstate more of items inside your purse and carry comfortably in your hand.

Mini wallets

Be not afraid of the banishment of the mini purses. In fact they have been observed some models of these sweets both pastel and neon lights used the stronger the best bag style cross. You can check this url for more description about wallets and purses.

Elegant satchels

No doubt that the satchel is here to stay. This style of handbags that knew all the rage in the summer of 2013, continues its reign in the options of bags for the fall and winter and has already reserved their place for next spring and summer. You will find them with or without structure, which lets you take both with a single strap long as two short straps, as in your hands.

The satchel is a very comfortable yet elegant option that can be used to accompany various styles of clothing.

Crocodile, python and raffia

Let’s talk about textures. In this edition of New York Fashion Week Gala a lot of textures ranging from the most elegant and classic, such as crocodile and python skin even the simplest raffia was made.

White and black

Although we have seen blunting some tones on the catwalk, the absolute owners of the collections were the ultra achromatic classics. White and black have been parading again and again without pause and will be the favorite in the spring of next year indisputable. You find bags in various completely white or completely black styles with prints that combine both tones and combined in color block.


The metal seems neither timelessness and metal details will be accompanying black and white bags and some completely metal parts that can be used both day and night.


Since not only of black and white women live, designers have introduced some other shades to help us change. Another unquestioned next spring season will be toasted in various shades ranging from the mildest to the darkest and look fantastic when they add texture. You will see the combined toasting with pastel colors combination but the star of the season will be the toast and black.


Pastel colors do not give appear on the catwalks and make his return in the spring of next year. celestial tones, very soft lavenders and pinks, ideal for evenings are walking.

Strong colors

But not everything on the catwalk was so quiet. Some of the designers decided to add strong colors (although relatively few pieces) were chosen and blue (in various shades), yellow, lavender and orange neon, ideal to wear with light clothing and make them shine.

Prints and embroideries

If until now you thought fashion bags would be quite simple, wait and look twice. Although the use of color is not reigned in bags catwalks of fashion week in New York, undoubtedly it was the detail that won the admiration of those present.

Prints and embroideries

Lattices and prints, mostly floral and psychedelic, amazed at each pass. Intricate embroidery using strong color combined with black basis were also admired. And we can not fail to mention the appearance of tassels different sizes, materials and colors, accompanied giving a more fun and spring collections touch.