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Are you one of those people that often go hiking? So you are also well aware that there are various pros and cons of almost all luggage. If you choose a roller suitcase, so it is annoying when you have to get up and down a lot of stairs. If you choose a backpack, so it is annoying when it’s heavy, and you must carry it so far. So there are pros and cons of everything. But it need not actually be. It’s certainly not if you choose a bag from the brand Osprey, so that you are actually out of all the annoying problems.

Osprey makes bags with functionality in focus

Whether it has been many traveling with annoying baggage that has made the Osprey have thought in other courts and made a new and functional bag, is not to know. But the Osprey has certainly made a bag that takes into account the many disadvantages. It is the model Sojourn 80 from Osprey, which is very functional, since it is both a really smart roller bag, which is quickly converted into a backpack of 80 L. This means that you are free to decide whether your bag will roll or you just grab it on the back. Both are possible, and the opportunities will no doubt make your trip much easier.

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