Fashion and Social Change, A Bag with History, A Bag of Change

There are bags that are won a special place in the history of fashion. Iconic bags, representing a time and values. Handbags like Louis Vuitton Speedy, the Birkin from Hermes, Chanel 2.55, or the Loewe Amazona.

Fashion and Social Change, A Bag with History, A Bag of Change

Today we dedicate our blog, to the Amazon of Loewe, one of the most emblematic bags from our country.

The history of Loewe dates back to 1846, when the German craftsman Enrique Roessberg Loewe was associated with a Madrid leather workshop. It is one of the most prestigious Spanish firms of Haute Couture, and is currently known as one of the best producers of leather goods from the world.

Now that we have the basis of the history of Loewe, let’s talk about one of its iconic bags, the Amazon.

The design of the Amazon, was created in 1975 by Dario Rossi, who then was the designer of Loewe. In Spain the year 1975 is not one year either, is a year of change. For this same reason, this bag was not going to be any one, is a bag that represents the change that existed in the country.

Women began to enjoy greater power, freedom, and social relevance. So bags that were created were destined for special occasions as attend to opera or the purchase. However this bag was designed to be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Spain lived a time of opening and the Amazon was prepared for all the changes that were happening. Among them, there was an independent woman who was slowly entering working life.

Four artisans, sixty-one pieces, and six and a half hours work with each one of the pieces make it possible this wonder made in Spain. To ensure quality, the skin is subjected to a triple selection process.

It was the first flexible bag, and the women received him with open arms. It was a success from the beginning, an emblem for the Spanish firm. So much so that after forty years of his birth, today even different models and sizes will continue to create.

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