Farah Corwin Marl Backpack

This is the first time on the blog that I dedicates an article to the Farahbrand. This brand was founded in the 1920s in Texas, but has acquired its letters of nobility in the 1980s, after having been adopted as the brand of choice by the mods, skins and the rockabillies, all three of the groups with looks apart. At this time, it’s utilitarian clothes: Farah offers overalls that she will market particularly during the second world war.

For a long time it was available in his country of origin on part the will of its creator, William Farah, maintain the American brand. But the economic context during the years 70 have a brand to be exported small.Scope by young members of groups ‘Garage rock’ American in the sixties, she wasted no time to cross the Atlantic to dress the hottest English.

Today, the Farah Vintage line builds on this legacy to produce singular well-cut clothes so that a new generation can create its own style. The brand offers a complete wardrobe of beautiful pieces: chinos, Polo shirts, shirts, jackets, shoes and even very pretty accessories. As you already know, we are in the midst of summer sales. The opportunity for me to get a new Backpack (I don’t count!). And guess what? Is of course at the Estatelearning brand I found my happiness with this superb backpack mottled found on the e-shop Asos. Since the start of the sales, it made me the eye. I even put it in my selection summer sales and I finally cracked.