Dog Gucci Handbags

Navigating the new website of Gucci (it was time that modernizasen his web image), I’ve found these bags for dogs. Increasingly there are more people who want to bring to your small pet with you and in this bag are comfortable they and the masters.

What Gucci is easy to guess: is the faithful stereotype of Gucci, by the way and the GG fabric. Even they are entitled to the characteristic of the Italian brand triband. For more comfort, inside there is a Removable cushion before you wash it as often as you like.

In the pictures it is not but there is a strap inside so that does not happen to the King of the House jump bag and shopping on your own. I think that the model that is based on skin, if would choose flies. Although the skin is treated with wax, but cleaning is dry.

If I were a pet and I had to walk so well installed, you smile with tongue hanging happier than the Lady and the tramp. I believe that these Gucci mascotas-Modelo not their work makes them very much.