Do It Yourself: Autumn Trees with Paper Bags

I don’t know if it will be for the PomPoms, which as you recall I am unconditional, colors or how easy that seems to make them, the truth is that when I found this morning with this work of Matsutake Katie Craftzine blog I immediately thought to share it with you.

To perform these autumn trees log only twisted we will need some bags of paper, glue, and some wool PomPoms. In America are very common paper bags to keep the sandwich, but here we can use fruits, the bread or replace by strips of paper packing that we retorceremos to form trunk and branches.

With regard to the pom poms We already know how to do them: winding strands of wool in two Donuts of cardboard and then cut them by the Center. In this case we have to put special care in choosing colors Brown and orange wool remains, so that our trees are in tune with the station. It would be advisable to not do the very thick Pompom, it must be somewhat disjointed, with decadent air, as we see in the image.

And already, we just have to find a place for our work. Do you fancy them to do this weekend? If you have any questions on the blog of Katie, whose link you can find at the end of the post, you can see all the photos with step by step.

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