Dior 3D Handbag

Despite the Roger Vivier has dedicated one of its own stock exchange, the First Lady of France Carla Bruni Sarkozy not turn his back to John Galliano and Dior. Recently, in fact, was paparazzi with her ​​husband Nicolas Sarkozy to the arm 3D Dior, a new model in a new design but reminds me a great classic of the house, the Saddle, the bag-shaped saddle that Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City has made ​​it a forever eternal bag.

Roger Vivier has just dedicated a bag, the Carlala called then in the version pret à porter Miss Viv, then turning it into a “woman-bag”, a rank so far belonged to very few women, including the divine Grace Kelly. Although having it raised on several occasions, Carla Bruni has lately been spotted with another bag of Christian Dior, the brand to which the First lady of France is still very true. it ‘very difficult in fact that France’s first lady chooses designed and made ​​clothes for her by John Galliano and certainly could not love at first sight the 3D Dior, a new collection of fashion house.

While we are talking about a new bag, which is part of the autumn-winter 2010/2011 , actually the 3D shoot a characteristic feature of some Dior bags that have made ​​history, such as the Saddle and Gaucho. The flap it has the typical shape to saddle the horse that we so loved in these icon bags. We bet that the 3D will be a bag of great success? Photo by: www.bagthatstyle.com